Are Apple Laptops Worth the Price? ( 2020 Updated)

Many say Apple is superior in the laptop and OS world. Some suggest that Apple’s high prices are justifiable by the top of the line hardware or the “amazing one of a kind” operating system. Being we use both Apple and Windows we had no bias when writing this post.

The important features we discuss are essential for most laptop users. Please keep in mind that we have nothing against Apple. All our content creators use iPhones! This guide is for those looking for the best bang for their buck when buying a new laptop. This short post will help those who are considering a MacBook when shopping for a laptop.

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Our Honest Thoughts of the New Apple MacBooks

Keyboard: The new keyboard Apple has selected for its MacBooks are a complete disaster and various forums and online communities are complaining. Apple has even been sued over them! The keyboard has zero pushback, unlike previous models. Typing on the new keyboard has been compared to typing on a wooden flat keyboard. This is a major drawback being the keyboard is an essential aspect of any laptop. Some suggest that the new keyboard isn’t bad but instead different and requires some getting used to.

Display: Apple’s new displays are actually really nice. Are they the best for the money? Absolutely not! If 4k is something you need in a laptop, an external monitor is required. For the money, the display is nice but in our eyes, it’s not the best bang for your buck.

Ports: The different ports on a computer are crucial for various professionals and laptop users. It’s a means of transferring data, backing up, and much more! Apple has dropped all previous ports from its new laptops. Instead, USB-C is the new primary alternative. An attachment is needed to use anything but USB-C. This causes two issues, having to pay more money for an attachment and the need to carry an additional piece of equipment that can possibly be forgotten.

These three factors are some very important aspects for anyone shopping for a computer. Please note that this post is vague and does not go into detail in terms of all the other features the new MacBooks have.

The New MacBooks: Our Verdict

We don’t recommend the new Apple MacBooks for those in the market for a new laptop that is the best bang for their buck. For the price, shoppers can find a laptop that has a better display, keyboard and all the ports they need.