Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera Review

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera – An Amazing Security Camera System

We are introducing (as users) the new Arlo Ultra 4k HDR homekit camera. Key features will be reviewed and tested to ensure the price and quality of the Arlo Ultra camera is ideal for various security and monitoring needs. Please be aware we are not affiliated with with Arlo and have created this review to inform and educate those exploring the new Arlo system.

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera

Arlo Ultra Sleek Design

The Ultra has a wire free design that is both versatile and pretty. The new magnetic charging cable allows for easy charging and maximum adaptability.

Picture and Audio Quality

We consider video and audio quality two of the most important features for ANY security camera. Here is what the Arlo Ultra has to offer:

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera Quality

Image quality is important and a necessity when looking for a security camera system. Being able to see the details in both low-light or bright settings is essential. The new Arlo Ultra has “Crystal Clear” 4k video quality. The high-performance lens allows users to see every detail when doing live monitoring or watching video playback. Arlo has also improved its field of view by offering 180 degree “panoramic protection”. Its important to note that their is no fisheye distortion that is so typical for most wide angle security cameras.

Along with amazing video quality, the Arlo Ultra has “auto-zoom and tracking” capabilities. Auto frame to focus allows the Ultra to focus on what’s important whiling keeping a wide angle and consistent 4k video quality.

Arlo has a great feature called “Cloud Activity Zones.” Ultimately, this allows Arlo users to set specific areas of focus that can either be set to monitor or ignore movement and activity. Users can then have notifications sent when an area of focus has activity. A great example would be a room that has a safe or a store with cash register. Setting a zone that needs to be ignored is equally as important so areas that have heavy traffic aren’t constantly being triggered. This helps with battery life and allows users to get notifications only when desired “important” areas are triggered by activity.

Night Vision that looks Amazing

The Ultra’s night vision capabilities allow users to see live and past videos in full color. A dark room is now just as well monitored as a fully lit room! Blurry and or black grainy videos are a thing of the past.

The Ultra’s Audio Quality

With dual microphones that offer two way audio and noise cancelling, the Arlo Ultra is perfect for indoor or outdoor audio monitoring. Hearing and seeing are important when an emergency occurs. Arlo has kept this in mind when designing the Arlo Ultra. Wind and other background noises are no match for the Arlo Ultra’s high quality audio feed.

Arlo’s Security Features

The Ultra system has a built-in siren that can be set to sound automatically, or it can be manually triggered from a smart phone or tablet.

Device Compatibility for smart device voice controls with Alexa and Google Assistant

Arlo Ultra has the ability to pair with other smart home devices. Alexa and Google Assistant work flawlessly with the Ultra system.

Cloud Storage and Data

Arlo stores its data on its personal cloud storage service. They have three plan options that are tailored to all cloud storage needs. See plan details below:

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera

Pricing and Buying Options: Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera

The Arlo Ultra set comes with 3 different buying options. A set of 4, 3 or 2 cameras. Each set does come with a base station. Users also have the option to buy one additional camera. Adding to your current Arlo Ultra system is easy! Below you will find a competitive price guide:

4 Camera Set + Base Station $999.99

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera

Purchase 4 Camera Set Here

3 Camera Set + Base Station $799.99

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera

Purchase 3 Camera Set Here

2 Camera Set + Base Station $599.99

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera

Purchase 2 Camera Set Here

Arlo Ultra 4k HDR Homekit Camera – Key Points

When we created the Arlo Ultra 4K review we had a mindset of educating those who are researching the Ultra system for their own security system needs. Please be aware we touch on various key features that the Arlo Ultra system has to offer. For more specific information please checkout the official Arlo Ultra website.

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