Audio Flashcards App for Alexa

Audio flashcard App for Alexa
Don’t waste paper using Flashcards! Use an Audio Flashcard

Audio flashcards are a great way to study! All types of students can benefit from the well known flashcard study method. Today we will show students how to create audio flashcards using an Alexa based device (echo, dot, etc.).

Setup of Audio Flashcard App for Alexa

Before we begin, an Amazon Alexa based device is needed. We suggest getting either the echo or dot.

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This is an affiliate link. We are part of the Amazon Associate Program.
This is an affiliate link. We are part of the Amazon Associate Program.

Setting Up Audio Flashcards Skill for Alexa

  • First, we are going to navigate to Alexa Skill Blueprints. This is where we will enable and create the Audio Flashcards skill. Log into the Amazon Account that is linked to the Amazon Alexa device that will be used for the Audio Flashcards.
  • Next, go to the Flashcards skill. This is where users will be able to enable Audio Flashcards and create material to study with.

There is a Three Step Process to Add Content to the Flashcards:

1- Add Content: This is where content will be added to each flashcard. This can only be done manually. As content is added, users will be forced to read and type flashcard information. This is acts as a great way to start learning and memorizing the flashcard content. Users are always able edit and add more content at a later point.

2 – Customize The Experience: This section allows users to add a custom startup message and chime that will play each time the flashcard skill is started. Users can keep the default message and chime.

3 – Give The Flashcard Skill a Name: Once content is added, users will give the flashcard skill a name. Make sure to use something easy to remember. This name will be used to activate the Audio Flashcards with Alexa.

Audio flashcard app setup with Alexa
Give Your Flashcard Skill a Name

How to Enable and Use the Audio Flashcards Skill

To start the Audio Flashcards users must say, “Alexa open My Flashcards” or use whatever name was given to the skill in step two after adding content.

Once the Skill is active users can say “Review Mode” or “Test Mode.”

Review Mode: Learn in “review mode” to hear terms and definitions

Test Mode: Where Alexa reads the term, then you say the definition