Top 2 Apple Airpod Knockoffs

Apple offers its popular wireless earbud know as the Airpods. The Airpods have had three versions, with the Apple Airpod Pros being the most current version. Other manufacturers have developed Apple Airpod knockoffs that are generally less expensive but offer similar or superior features. Apple’s Airpods are great, but other brands have more reasonably priced wireless earbud options. 

Features All Wireless Ear Buds Should Have

Whether you are buying wireless earbuds or some Airpod knockoff, it’s vital to purchase a quality product with all the essential feature wireless earbuds need. Don’t buy cheap Airpod knockoffs thinking they will perform well or last long.

We have Tested Each Suggested Airpod Knockoff Before Making This Post

Each Airpod knockoff and alternative wireless earbud in this post have been tested for quality. Always do your research when buying electronics from Amazon and other online vendors.

Sound Quality

Sound quality should be great. Listening to music can become captivating when matched by good quality wireless earbuds.

Long Battery Life

Long battery life means less charging and more listening. Wireless earbuds should last most of the day on a single charge. A charging case will also extend the battery life of each wireless earbuds. All Airpod alternatives in this post have a great battery life.

Comfortable Earbuds

Wearing wireless earbuds should be a comfortable experience. Our wireless earbud suggestions in this post will offer adjustable rubber tips for all types of ear sizes. This prevents earbuds from falling out when on the go.

Apple and Android Compatible

All of our Apple Airpod knockoff suggestions are both Android and Apple (iOS) compatible. Important features like volume and music controls work flawlessly. Siri, Bixby, and other AI assistants will work with the suggested wireless earbud options. Computers and other types of tablets will also work! It’s very simple to connect Airpods to a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Our Top Wirelss Earbud Suggestions

We have tested each item listed below. Please leave us a comment if you have any questions. Contact us for general tech consulting for your home or business.

1. Anker Life P2 $49.99

Our Best Apple Airpod Knockoffs suggestion the Anker Soundcore Life P2

Anker makes a wide range of quality accessories. We suggest using Anker’s lightning cable instead of Apple. Anker lightning cables last longer and work flawlessly. Additionally, they make an amazing Apple Airpod knockoff.

Key Features

The Life P2 wireless earbuds offer 7 hours of battery life and have a total playtime of 40 hours when used with the charging case. A 10-minute charge provides 1-hour of playtime. The charging case uses a USB-C port. The durable design provides an IPX7 waterproof design that is great for sports use or exposure to water. The Life P2 stays snug in your ear and won’t fall out during periods of activity. 

Sound Quality

These Apple Airpod alternatives also have robust sound quality that is complemented with noise cancellation and reduction. The noise reduction provides an enhanced music experience. I have used these earbuds in loud environments with no disturbances to music sound or quality. The Anker Life P2 earbuds are great for music or phone calls. The sound quality is equivalent to the Apple Airpod pros. The bass is powerful and doesn’t distort the music. Overall the sounds are rich and filled with quality. Additionally, the four microphones make phone calls an enjoyable experience.

– Easy to Pair
-Very High-Quality Strong Bass
-Up to 40 Hrs of Battery ( Depending on User)
-All Plastic is High Quality

Other Features
  • Very easy to pair to any device
  • The bass enhancement gives the Anker Soundcore clean quality base. The Airpods have good bass but the bass is not as strong as Ankers.
  • The single-use feature allows one earbud to be used at a time. This saves battery life when needed.

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus (R175) $115

Our second best Apple Airpod knockoff suggestion the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Key Features

Samsung’s Galaxy buds are powerful and a great compromise to Apple Airpods. The wireless earbuds have a much different design, so calling them an Apple Airpod kickoff is inaccurate. That being said, the Galaxy buds are phenomenal.

First off, yes, these Samsung buds will work with ALL Apple devices and other non-Samsung products. iOS users will also have Siri functionality with the Galaxy buds. The Samsung Galaxy buds have 11-hour battery life, and that can be increased an additional 11-hours when used with the charging case. Addtionally, a 3-minute charge will provide 1 hour of playtime. USB-C or wireless charging can be used to charge the buds. They are water-resistant and great for sports and exercise. Additionally, three ear tips are included for a snug fit. We found these buds stay perfectly in place even during points of heavy activity.

Sound Quality

Samsung has impressed us with its robust and well-developed sound quality. Call quality and music alike sound great! Great bass and impressive treble complement all music types. The built-in microphones work well for phone calls and dictation. Ambient noise can be controlled to adjust how much background noise is heard. These wireless earbuds offer superior sound quality compared to the Anker wireless earbud and the Apple Airpods.

-Supiror Sound Quality compared to Apple and Anker
-3 Minutes of Charging Equals 1 Hour of Play Time
-Samsung is a Very Reputable Brand

Other Features
  • Easy pairing with all devices.
  • The tap response is a quick and easy way to change volume and activate an AI assistant.
  • Amazing Sound Quality

Which Wireless Earbud Should You Pick?

The two wireless earbud suggestions in this post are both excellent choices. They both have some different features, but overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are the best all-around option. They offer the best sound quality and have a very high-quality, comfortable feel. The Galaxy buds are way more expensive than the Anker Soundcore wireless earbuds. If you can afford the more expensive Samsung wireless earbuds, they are the best choice. In fact, we think they are superior to the Apple Airpods in every way!

If the Samsung Galaxy buds are out of your budget, you can’t go wrong with the Anker Soundcore Life P2 earbuds. They offer the best bang for your buck without any sacrifice to music or product quality.

Best Apple Airpod Knockoff

Looking at the various Apple Airpod knockoff options, its surprising to find many comparable, less expensive wireless earbud brands. We have suggested only two Airpod alternatives being we want to test and provide accurate information about these earbuds. When doing research online various other Apple Airpod knockoffs got terrible customer reviews. Other wireless earbud brands either broke in a few months or just had lousy sound quality.

Future Apple Airpod Knockoff Suggestions

With time we will update this post with other Apple Airpod knockoffs and alternatives. We are currently in the process of finding Apple Airpod Pro alternatives.

Best Apple Airpod Knockoff Suggestions FAQ

Which wireless earbud is your favorite?

I love and constantly use the Anker Soundcore Life P2’s. The battery life is amazing. When considering the charging case provides an additional 40 hours of listening time that is very useful for anyone. This blows Apple’s listening times out of the water. Sound quality and comfort match Apple’s. I think the Soundcore Life P2’s are more comfortable and look sleeker when compared to the Apple Airpods.

Do these Airpod alternatives work with iOS and Android devices?

Yes! All wireless earbud suggestions do work with Apple and Android devices flawlessly. Sound controls, music controls, and Siri work great.

Why suggest an Airpod alternative or knockoff when the Apple Airpods are superior?

Calling the Apple Airpods superior is a bit misleading. Apple makes great devices but they are known to charge a bit much for their products when compared to other tech manufactures. That being said, various other wireless earbud brands offer all the features that the Apple Airpods offer. Some of our suggested Airpod knockoffs are superior in comfort and overall sound quality.

Looking at the Anker Soundcore Life P2’s