Best Laptop Bag for Travel 2020

Traveling can be stressful and having to carry an expensive laptop through the unknown journey we call the airport is sometimes daunting. However, having the best laptop bag for travel can help alleviate this common hassle. Those TSA agents are great but they sure don’t know how to handle expensive equipment that houses the data to valuable information for work and our personal lives.

Our Favorite Laptop Bags for Travel

In terms of brand, our three laptop bag recommendations will all be made by Brenthaven. We love this brand and have had nothing but great experiences with them.

These Bags All Have a Lifetime Warranty!

What we love most about the Brenthaven is the lifetime warranty on all of their products. I have had the same Brenthaven bag for over 3 years! My bag was replaced twice after my dog ripped one the pockets and after one of the straps broke from normal wear and tear (this is when I had a very heavy laptop and books in my bag). The warranty alone makes the Brenthaven brand a superior choice when considering a laptop bag for travel or normal everyday use.

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1. Brenthaven Metrolite Airport TSA Friendly Backpack – $79.95

First, we will look at the Brenthaven Metrolite backpack. This laptop bag is currently my favorite and most used. I use it once a day when traveling from home to work. The Metrolite backpack has also been great for business travel. This bag can easily fit all my electronics, accessories, and my essential iFixit computer repair tool kit. Additionally, the high-density foam helps protect the laptop compartment exceptionally well. Overall, anyone looking for a great laptop bag for travel or casual use can’t go wrong with the Brenthaven Metrolite backpack. Don’t forget; all Brenthaven bags come with a lifetime warranty!

$79.95 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-Fits Larger Laptops (15 Inch)
-Great Travel (Xray & TSA Friendly)
-Great Overall Build Quality
-Compact Storage & Not Bulky


Top Noteworthy Features

  • The Metrolite Backpack XF offers numerous amounts of sleek storage.
  • Tons of storage and pockets. Easy and organized access was well-thought-out!
  • Working much like a briefcase, it offers two storage slits for paperwork, files, tablets, and laptops.
  • The computer slit holds any laptop up to the size of“15.6”
  • The middle pockets are available for more intricate accessories and electronic needs. All enclosed in an micro ballistic exterior.
  • Designed with high-density impact foam surrounding all sides of the laptop for extra snug protection.
  • The high-density foam incorporated into the backpack straps making for comfortable carrying, even for long periods of time.

TSA X-Ray Friendly

Another great feature on this product is its butterfly zipper for TSA Airline checks. This provides a one move security check without taking your laptop out. This alone makes the Brenthaven bag the best laptop bag for air travel! The zipper opens all the way around allowing the backpack to sit flat in two halves for a quick X-Ray. Additionally, if your in a hurry it has an attached velcro to stick back together until your able to re-zip. Take a look at the back of this product and you will also find a hidden slit perfect for sliding your carrier over a suitcase handle while waiting for your flight or train.

2. Brenthaven Elliot Deluxe Brief – $79.95

The Brenthaven Elliot Deluxe Brief bag fits devices up to 15.4 Inches. This laptop bag is made for travel and everyday use. Its TSA friendly and offers great protection with its high-density foam. The Elliot Deluxe laptop bag has tons of storage options for accessories, tablets, and other essentials. Magnetic pockets allow for easy access to certain items but the laptop bag also includes pockets and compartments with secure zippers. Like all Brethaven’s bags, this one has a lifetime guarantee. My father uses this bag for everyday use and he has been very happy with its various features.

Top Noteworthy Features

  • Fits laptops, tablets, and devices up to 15.4 Inches. We noticed two small laptops would fit in this bag with no problem (dependent on device size).
  • All devices are well protected with high-density impact-resistant foam.
  • Very TSA & X-ray friendly bag with easy to understand layout and hassle-free design.
  • Magnetic pocket options for quick access as well as pockets with zippers
  • Tons of secure compartments for other accessories and essentials.

$79.95 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-Fits Larger Laptops (15.4 Inch)
-Great Travel and Everyday Use
-Great Overall Build Quality
-Compact Storage & Not Bulky

-Transfer of Weight is Better with a Backpack

This bag is very sleek and has a stylish business like design. It works for those that dress up for their job or everyday tasks. It also has a very smooth fabric layout so it wont ruin nice suits or shirts when brushing against clothing when walking.

3. Brenthaven ProStyle Backpack – $129.99

The Brenthaven Prostyle backpack is a larger laptop bag for travel and everyday use. The Prostyle backpack is designed to hold laptops up to 17 inches in size. Also, it’s designed as a multipurpose bag that can be used for carrying a other electronics, books, and even clothing. Its an all-around amazing bag being it has so many storage options for various devices and accessories. It’s also considered Brenthavens most protective laptop bag being it has more high-density foam when compared to the previously mentions bags in this post. This bag isn’t for everyone being is a lot bulkier being it’s meant to hold lots of items. The Prostyle backpack is a great laptop bag for those that need lots of storage space and many compartments. This bag is also great for students being it can fit books and binders without any problem.

$129.99 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-Fits Larger Laptops
-Great for Students or Business Travel
-Great Overall Build Quality
-Tons of Storage

-The Bag may be Too Bulky for Some

Top Noteworthy Features:

  • Designed to fit up to 17-inch laptops, devices or items. It can accommodate more than just electronics and accessories.
  • Maximum storage capabilities. This bag has pockets and compartments everywhere! It even has a pocket for a water bottle.
  • Brenthaven’s most protective backpack. It’s loaded with their high-density foam which one of the main reasons we decided this is the best laptop bag for travel.
  • This bag is made with Ballistic Nylon exterior and ergonomic padded pack straps and back panel that distribute weight comfortably. This is essential when travel for long periods of time or walking for all day.