Best Solar Camping String Lights 2021

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Solar camping string lights are a brilliant way to light up your campsite and have a memorable outdoor experience. All you have to do is carry these compact and portable lights to your site, hang them, and enjoy their glow at night. Keep your camping site well lit no matter the destination!

Charging Solar Powered Camping String Lights

The best part about solar-powered lights is the solar charging feature. Solar powered lights prevent the need for batteries or an external power source. As you spend time outdoors doing activities and having fun the solar camping string lights are being charged by the sun. Charge them during the day and enjoy a well-lit area at night!

Choosing the Right String Lights

solar camping string lights

Having solar string lights for camping is not only functional but also provides a sense of comfort. Having lights that both work and are easy to use is essential. This article will look at and discuss some of the best solar powered camping string lights on the market. We have purchased and tested various camping string lights to create this post. When testing these solar powered camping string lights we made sure they provide good lighting, offer industry leading efficient solar charging times and are as dependable and functional as possible. * Some products in this post have affiliate links.

Our Favorite Solar Camping String Lights

After doing our research and testing different solar string lights. We have determined that MPOWERD brand makes the best Solar String Lights for Camping and other general use. The product suggestions in this post are all made by the MPOWERD brand. Please contact us if you have any questions.

1. MPOWERD Luci Color Solar String Lights ($45)

Luci Solar string lights for Camping

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MPOWERD has created the the incredible Luci color string lights. The MPOWERD brand is well known for their superior product quality and more importantly their high efficiency solar panels. These are our favorite solar string lights for camping and other general use. Aside from camping, we have used these solar string lights for outdoor gatherings, back yard dinners and even indoor lighting. Another feature worth mentioning is the 6 color options: blue, violet, turquoise, green, pink and cool. This feature alone makes these solar camping string lights stand out from the competition.

Size and Durability

Luci solar string lights LED storage

The Luci color solar powered string lights have 20 muti-color LED bulbs that run across an 18 foot nylon-braided cord. The whole unit weighs roughly 11.5 oz or a little less then a pound (0.8 lbs). Additionally, the solar string lights can be wrapped around the expandable unit when stored or even when charging. The LED lights and solar unit is splash and rain resistant. On top of that, the bulbs are shatterproof. Overall, the unit is durable and very easy to store with all your camping gear.

Charging and Battery Details

Luci String Lights Port Diagram
Luci String Lights Port Options

The Luci unit comes with a built-in rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery and also includes a built-in battery indicator. The Luci unit has a Built-in micro-USB port for recharging and USB output port to recharging mobile phones if needed (see image above). This battery provides 15 hours of use on a single charge. The Luci lights can be recharged via solar or micro-USB . When recharging the unit via solar it take roughly 16 hours for a full charge. Recharging with a standard micro-USB takes only 4 hours. Solar will obviously take longer than using a power outlet with a USB charging block or a portable power bank. We suggest getting this standard Anker USB charging block or standard portable power bank.

Lighting Details and Features

Storing the Luci string lights
Easy Storage and External Flashlight Option
Solar Powered String Lights
Very Bright and Easy to Hang

As we stated before, the Luci soar string lights have 6 color options: blue, violet, turquoise, green, pink and cool. Additionally, the unit includes a external LED flashlight that is placed next to the solar panel. This additional flashlight is built for easy access and is super helpful! The LED string lights have 8 different lighting modes which includes color cycle mode.

2. MPOWERD Luci Single Color String Lights ($41)

Luci single color solar string lights

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This variation of Luci solar string lights are very similar to the first string light suggestion in this post. The main difference between the two solar powered camping string lights are the LED color options, battery life and lighting modes. Otherwise, all the other features are basically the same or not significant enough to mention.

If you are seeking camping string lights that have one standard color then these lights are a perfect option for you. The single color Luci lights are considered brighter measuring at 100 lumens. Additionally, if you are interested in having longer battery life so your lights stay on for a longer period of time then this Luci string light version may be a better choice. See more specific details about this version of Luci string clients below:

Battery and Charging Details

The Luci single color string lights have the same built-in 2000 mAh capacity. On a single charge these solar string lights can last up to 20 hours compared to the Luci color’s 15 hours. That’s an additional 5 hours of power/ lighting which is pretty significant.

Lighting Details and Features

In terms of lighting, the single color Luci string lights are noticeably brighter. Additionally, the LED lights have 3 modes: Low, Medium and High. Each mode varies in brightness and will effect how much battery power is used.

These are the only major differences between the Luci color string lights and the Luci single color string lights. Both options are great choice if you are looking for solar string lights for camping and other general use.

Final Thoughts

The string light suggestion in this post are a great option for camping, outdoor use, and other common situations. We have even used our Luci lights during power outages caused by a hurricane. If you plan on going camping we suggest getting reusable curtain clips. These clips make hanging your string lights super easy when camping or using them for other purposes.

P.S. A power bank is another essential item to being on your camping trips. As we mentioned before, power bank can actually rapidly charge your string lights and other essential electronic devices.

Solar String Lights FAQ.

Have a question? Feel free to leave us a comment and we will get back to you!

Do MPOWERD Luci String Lights Last?

Yes! The MPOWERD brand as a whole is well know for their product quality. Their solar LED string lights will last for 5 plus years easy!

How do you hang string lights when camping?

Solar string lights are the best option for camping. No additional power/ batteries are needed when using solar powered string lights on a campsite. This makes them easy to carry and use. String lights can be easily be wrapped around a tent or general campsite. Some people use curtain clips ($6.99) to hang string lights as well.

Are solar string lights worth it?

They are definitely worth it! It all depends on what you are using them for and which brand you buy. Solar string lights are both a functional and durable solution for all sorts of situations. We love the MPOWERD Luci String Lights because they are fully solar, have a 15 – 20 hr battery life and they can be used for various situations. Camping, indoor lighting and much more.

How do you decorate a campsite?

Decorating your campsite is easy with solar string lights. They add functional lighting and provide a sense of comfort.