Best Tools For Computer Repair

Having the right tools for the job is essential. Over the years, I have worked on several computers. This experience has allowed me to create a list of the best tools for computer repair. Don’t consider this a complete list of computer tools but rather a list of essential tools I use very often and can’t live without.

We have made another post suggesting top of the line professional computer repair tool kits. Complete tool sets have all the essential tools needed to repair most types of hardware. Sometimes buying a computer tool kit that has everything is the most cost-effective and easiest way to acquire all the tools you needed. As we stated in the past, quality is vital! We provide tested product suggestions. These are affiliate links provided by Amazon. All prices are updated every hour.

1. Tool Kit Bag and Backpack

Having a durable and well-designed carrying case or tool kit bag helps with travel and organization. I know how frustrating it is to look through a duffle bag full of tools. Tools sink to the bottom of the bag and get lost in the clutter. Having a proper case or a bag that has sufficient pockets and compartments is going to help organize the tool clutter. Spending those 5 minutes looking for a tool throws off your focus! My repair times have drastically gotten faster once I started organizing my tools. Creating dedicated pockets and sections helps me find things quickly. I’m more of a backpack guy being I do lots of walking and on-site repairs. I love my tool kit backpack because it disperses the weight of my tools when I travel to on-site appointments.

2. Spudger (Metal and Plastic)

Spudger can be made out of metal and plastic. A spudger is an essential tool that has a wide flat-head end that acts like a wedge. A spudger is a useful computer repair tool that makes getting to those hard to reach places. The spudger separates pressure fit plastic components. Having both a metal and plastic spudger is recommended. Metal spudgers are great for tougher components or for prying things open. Plastic spudgers are great for more delicate components and aren’t as good for prying things open (depending on the project). Both types of spudgers will great some of the most used tools for computer repair. The suggested spudgers below are sets. They have different types of spudger heads, and they include metal and plastic options.

3. Anti-Static Wrist Band and Anti-Static Mat

An anti-static wrist band is one of those valuable tools that I use during any tech hardware repair. That is why the spudger made the list of best tools for computer repair. It protects devices from being fried by static electricity. When shopping for an anti-static band, make sure to get a brand that has a good build quality. Also, make sure the wrist band’s cord is long for better ease of use. See our Anti-static wrist band suggestion to see the brand we constantly use.

Keep in mind that anti-static wrist bands and anti-static mats should be used in combination with a safe work environment. Do not work on carpet or static prone surfaces. Always work on a hard surface while also using an anti-static wrist band and anti-static mat. Causing electrical damage or frying a computer because of static shock can happen. It’s not too common, but it has happened to me twice in around five years. Still, stay cautious and take all the appropriate measures to protect your hardware.

An anti-static mat is made out of rubber, so it’s naturally non-conducting. I use my anti-static mat for every type of tech repair. Anti-static mats are a great way to keep a project organized. Place screws and tools in the various grooves so everything is both organized and protected from static shock. Combing the anti-static wrist band and the anti-static mat makes every repair a pleasant experience.


Each recommendation is currently being used and has been tested. I am currently using all the tool suggestions made in this post for all types of repairs. I mainly perform computer repairs.

Leave us a comment if you have a question or concern. We update all our posts monthly. Prices are updated hourly.

FAQ About Computer Tool Recommendations

Which tools are essential for computer repair?

Various tools are needed for computer repair. As I stated at the beginning of this post, getting a professional computer repair tool kit is the easiest way to acquire all the tools needed for a repair.

Which other computer repair tools are used the most?

-Various types of magnetic bits
-Suction cups ( iMac Repairs)
-Anti-static wrist bands
-Anti-static mat