Convert File to PDF Using a Mac

Convert File to PDf using a Mac

Convert File to PDF Using a Mac

A PDF is a universally useful document format. Mac users can use Preview (a document viewer dedicated to Mac’s) to convert various items into a PDF format. These PDFs are great for offline viewing, file sharing, and easy to print layout no matter the type of content.

Steps to Convert File to PDF Mac

  1. On the desired page, click Command + P or click File>Print to open the print dialog box. 
  2. At the bottom left corner of the prompt, click the arrow next to the word “PDF.” A list will appear. Click “Open in Preview.”

The Preview application will then open with the content converted into a PDF format. We use this method to file client invoices and save certain websites into a PDF format for offline viewing. When converting a file to PDF make not some layouts will change. This varies between content. Have a question? Leave a comment below.

Does this work for any type of file or content?

Yes. This method will allow mac users to convert almost any file to a PDF format.

Does Preview come preinstalled on a Mac?

Yes. Preview is a default application that comes with all Mac computers.