Export iCloud Calendar to Google (Mac Guide)

Calendar events are synced to email accounts so users are able to use a Gmail or iCloud calendar on multiple devices. This lets each device sync automatically so the calendar can be seen and updated from more than one location. Businesses and individuals with more than one device tend to have this setup.

Today we will show you how to move and export an iCloud calendar to Google account using a Mac computer. This guide was created based on several requests on Quora. Please feel free to leave a comment on Quora, Youtube or even this blog post if you need further assistance.

This Guide will Work On Any Type of Calendar (iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Etc.)

This guide can be used on any email syncing calendar account. Exporting events and moving them to a different Calendar works best if both exporting and importing email calendar account is signed into the computer already. This will make exporting and importing Calendars very easy to do. Please make sure to not get confused and duplicate events! The secret here is making sure to import events to the proper or new calendar account.

Why Export a Calendar to Sync with a Different Account?

Occasionally, certain people move to a new email or are forced to change for various reason. For example, if someone is using a company email and eventually leaves the company. They would need to transition calendar events, contacts and possible notes to a new email. Otherwise, all this important personal data will be lost being a business email is being used rather than a personal email like iCloud, Gmail, Etc.

This guide focuses on moving a calendar and all it’s events from an old email to a new one. This guide will also show users how to make a backup of a calendar. We will post more guides in the future that touch on securing data when trasfering or moving email accounts.