Top 3 External SSD Drive Deals | Don’t Wait for Black Friday

Solid state drives have slowly been getting cheaper. External Solid State Drives are also decreasing in price. Amazon and other vendors offer competitive prices and tons of brands to choose from. When shopping for an SSD, always checking writing and reading speeds. This will ensure a quality drive is being purchased. Don’t sacrifice a solid state drives performance for a cheap price.

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Additionally, some external hard drive brands are horrible. Their writing and reading speeds are slow and these brands don’t last nearly as long as the quality brands we recommend. Above all, we have tested each drive recommended in the list below (Click Here to Jump to List). These drives will be holding valuable data that needs to last for a long time. Therefore, we always do our research and only suggest products that are well rated by us and consumers.

Understanding Solid State Speeds

In this post, we will discuses each external drives reading and writing speeds. These speeds will be written as MB/s, which means megabytes per second. Example: 400 MB/s.

We Test each External SSD Recommendation

Our list of top 5 external solid state drive (SSD) deals will help shopper find the best external solid state solution for their storage needs. Above all, we test each external solid state drive. Each device is put through test of daily normal use to verify quality and functionality.

Amazon Offers a Best Selling External SSD List

See Amazon’s list of best selling External Solid State Drive. Below are two of their most popular and best selling external solid state drives. They are very popular, work great, and generally on sale!

Top 5 External SSD Drive Deals

Some product recommendations below are affiliate links with Amazon. This means we make a small commission from sales generated with these links. Thank you!

Seagate Fast SSD 500GB External Solid State Drive Portable $85

External SSD Drive Deals

External SSD Performance: Reading and Writing speeds up to 540 MB/s

Seagate is a great brand and overall makes quality products. This drive is very well priced at $85. This external drive has very fast reading and writing speeds which are around 540 MB/s (megabytes per second). This drive has USB-C capabilities but also includes a regular USB-A cord for those not capable of using USB-C. Additionally, Seagate offers a 1 year manufactures warranty. This drive comes in 4 size options 2TB, 1TB, 500GB, and 250GB.

Please Note: This External SSD includes two USB cables. One for USB-C and other for USB-A.

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Top Features:

  • Well-built drive enclosure that is small and very portable.
  • Fast Read and Write Speeds
  • USB-C and USB-A capabilities. Includes two types of cables.
  • 4 different storage size options: 2TB, 1TB, 500GB, and 250GB.

WD 500GB My Passport Go SSD Amber Portable External Storage – $99

Western Digital’s 500GB SSD comes in blue and yellow. They also offers a 2 TB storage option. This external SSD is very durable. Its exterior shell protects from shock being it has rubber bumpers. The USB cable is also built into the external drive. Never forget your cord again! This unique design matched by by quick 400 MB/s writing and reading speeds make this a great external SSD drive deal. Lastly, they offer a 3 year limited warranty.

External SSD Performance: Reading and Writing speeds up to 400 MB/s

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How I use this External SSD

I use this drive very often. In particular, I import my photos from my DSLR camera to my iPad Pro. I then plug this external drive into the iPad Pro to move all the photos.

Top Features:

  • Drop-resistant up to 2 meters.
  • Includes a built in USB cable. One less thing to remember!
  • Fast read and write speeds.

Seagate One Touch SSD 500GB External Solid State Drive – $79

This external drive is another favorite of mine. I love portability being I travel so much. This Seagate 500GB SSD is a sleek little backup powerhouse that offers writing and reading speeds of 400 MB/s. Additionally, it has some shock proof capabilities which helps with travel and the daily commute. As seen in the image, it’s roughly the size of a credit card. This model also comes in a 1TB storage size option.

External SSD Performance: Reading and Writing speeds up to 400 MB/s

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Top Features:

  • Very small and portable.
  • 3 year limited warranty.
  • Fast writing and reading speeds at 400 MB/s.
  • Best bang for your buck.

Our list of external SSD deals has been narrowed down by functionality and price. As we stated before, we have tested each recommended external SDD to ensure customers are getting a quality product for a good price. We assume that solid state drives in general will continue to decrease in price. Three hard drive brands to always look out for are Seagate, Sandisk, and Western Digital.