Get Free Software with a .Edu School Email

Get Free Software with an .edu School Email

College students can download top paid software for free or for highly discounted prices (sometimes 90% off)! A .edu school email address allows students to verify their college status and ultimately get access to various types of design, music, productivity, business, research software for free, or a hugely discounted price.

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Amazon is also offering student discounts on their Amazon Prime membership. An Amazon Prime subscription includes free two-day shipping, access to Amazon Music, Amazon video, and more! The Ad below will take you to the official Amazon students signup page. The link below is an affiliate link, so we do get a small commission for each signup. Get Amazon Prime Student Discounts

Apple also offers student discounts on Apple Music. Apple provides a music streaming service that typically costs $9.99. Students would get Apple Music for $4.99 per month. Learn more about Apple Music for students

Apple music discount with .edu school email.

How to Claim your Free Software with a .edu email

A wonderful website called On the Hub allows students to verify their .edu school email. Once the .edu email account has been verified, students have access to all the sweet deals offered on the site. This means if you don’t have access to your .edu email this method will not work for you.

Free Software that is Available with a .edu Email Address

Please note this is a small list of the various free software and discounts that are available to students with a .edu email. These suggestions are based on software popularity:

Other Service Providers that Offer Amazing Student Discounts
Is This Legal?

Yes! These various deals and discounts are for students who need access to different types of software for school.

Can anyone make a .edu email address?

No, to have a .edu email, each user must be registered to a school as a student.

Can this software be installed on multiple machines?

Each software is different. We noticed that most of the free and discounted software can be installed on multiple machines with the same .edu school email.

Having issues verifying a .edu email address?

Contact us and we will assist in verifying and obtaining any free software and discounts offered.