How to Backup a Wix Site

Backing up a website helps save important data and creates a restore point. Wix users can easily backup a website in a few clicks. This will ensure all current layouts are saved in case a mistake is made. We even suggest creating a backup to a Wix site before each major content and design change. When working on client websites this is always a major first step to take before making ANY changes.

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Backup Wix Site

Backing up a Wix site is much easier than other website builders. We are basically going to make a copy of the desired Wix site.

  1. Log in to your Wix dashboard and select the Wix site you want to backup.
  2. Once the desired site is selected, click “Site Actions.” Then click “Duplicate Site.”

A new Wix site backup will appear in the “My Site” section of Wix. The Wix site duplicate/ copy will be named the original site name with “copy” at the end to distinguish the two versions.

Using a Wix Site Backup

To use the Wix backup users will need to transfer their premium plan to the backed up Wix site. Go to Premium Subscriptions in your Wix account. Find the plan you want to reassign and click show more icon. Lastly, click “Assign to a Different Site.” Select the Wix backup and click next. Your premium Wix subscription is now using the Wix backup that was previously created.

Renaming Backed Up Wix Site

Keep in mind the backed up Wix site will still have “copy” in the site name. Go to the site dashboard and click “site actions” to remove copy from the site name.

Protecting Wix Website Data

This is a very easy way to backup and restore any Wix website. Wix like any website builder does glitch and errors occur. Creating this Wix backups will help prevent data loss and keep all your existing content safe.