How to Find Best Sellers on Amazon 2020 | Discounts and Quality Products

This simple guide will show Amazon users how to find the best sellers on Amazon. This provides credibility for sellers and peace of mind for buyers! The best sellers on Amazon sell quality items and generally have great reviews that are real and offer useful information about the products being purchased. Amazon has worked on filtering and removing fake reviews. Understanding product quality and having questions answered from a consumers perspective is even easier.

how to find the best sellers on amzon

**Please note: When we say “best sellers” we are referring to the vendors/companies selling the items you want on Amazon as well as best selling products. We discuss each version of the term in this short guide.

Top Benefits of Finding and Buying from the Best Sellers on Amazon.

Competitive Pricing and Great Deals

Along with credibility, finding and buying from the best sellers on Amazon allows you to find competitively priced items. This means these top Amazon sellers have the ability to offer lower prices on various products in order to stay competitive while also offering quality. Being they are a best seller, they have the flexibility and more margin in terms of how much profit they can make. This can drastically affect the price of the products you want!

Great Return and Exchange Policies

When buying from the best sellers on Amazon, you’ll notice they are way more understanding when a product needs to be returned or exchanged. Amazon already has a great company return policy. But keep in mind, not every individual seller on Amazon has the same return policy. Some sellers will even specify they do not accept returns or exchanges. When something is expensive or doesn’t fit, this can cause hassle and frustration.

Understanding how to find the best sellers on Amazon will prevent this issue. Most of the best sellers ship products to Amazon fulfillment centers. This allows Amazon to handle all shipping, handling, and return procedures.

How to Find Best Sellers on Amazon

Their is two ways to do find the best sellers. The first method works best!

First Method: Head over to and search for the product name or category in terms of the product you want to buy. Being specific does help with the process of finding the best sellers on Amazon.

After clicking the search button, look for the “Sort By” button located on the top right corner of the product results. Then, select “Avg. Customer Review”. This will sort all the product and associated sellers based on best average customer rating.  For mobile devices using the Amazon app or browser, the button will be labeled as “filter.” See the image for an detailed example:

how to find the best sellers on Amazon

Also please make sure to check the box that says “Prime.”  This will filter Amazon sellers and show Prime eligible products. If you notice their are very few product results uncheck the “Prime” box.

Once you’ve completed these short steps, you’re able to browse the various listed products and narrow down your choices. When looking at products, look at the reviews, seller reputation, and look at the different price comparisons. Also, make sure they are Prime eligible sellers/ products. This will give you free shipping but also a great return policy. Also, keep in mind that even non-Prime eligible sellers do offer return and exchange policies. Its always good to double check before spending the money!

Using the Best Selling Page to Find Best Sellers on Amazon

How to find the best sellers on AmazonSecond Method: For the second method, you can follow this link and it will take you to Amazon’s Best Selling page. From there you pick a category and browse through the various best selling items in that category. We’ve noticed this method isn’t always too accurate being its showing more product popularity rather than seller based statistics and reviews. This is a great way to browse through random top selling products for gift ideas or decor for example.

Overall, shopping on Amazon is a win win for everyone. The pricing and shipping options are incredible and hard to beat. We hope you learned how to find the best sellers on Amazon and all the benefits that can come form it.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact us.