How to Make a Wix Site Responsive

The Wix website builder offers fully responsive web design options. We will teach you how to make a Wix site responsive. This simple guide will work for any type of Wix site. Please note, it’s important to backup a site before performing changes. See our guide to backup a Wix Site. Also, please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. We are starting a video series on Youtube that will go over various Wix and web design topics.

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How to make a wix site responsive

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Elements that Make a Wix Site Responsive

Here are the Wix elements that will help make any site responsive.

  1. Full Width Elements

  2. Strech Function

  3. Strips and Columns

  4. Full-width Slideshows

  5. Galleries

  6. Horizontal Responsive Menu

How to Make Any Wix Website More Responsive

Full Width Elements

Wix offers full width elements that stretch and expand to any screen size. Please make sure to stay within the gridlines of each element. This will help different display sizes adapt to the content on a website. Wix has an explanation of gridlines here.

The Stretch Function

How to Make Wix Site Responsive with full width elements

First, lets take a look at the stretch function allows certain elements to stretch to the full width of a screen. Not every element can be stretched, but as long as users see the icon shown above, that element is able to stretch to the full width of the screen. Below we will show some common elements that are able to be stretched and used to make any Wix website more responsive.

Strips and Columns

How to Make Wix Site Responsive with strips

Strips and columns are fully customizable and various elements can be added. As long as the desired elements stay within the gridlines, identical content formatting will be shown on any screen size.

Full-width slideshows

How to Make Wix Site Responsive with interactive elements

Slideshows can incorporate various elements other then just photos. Slideshows look great on any page! Personally, we love to use them on the homepage or a landing page. Learn more about slideshows here.


Additionally, Galleries are a great option for displaying a collection of photos that are fully responsive. Please note that users can click the “stretch” icon to make the galleries full-width. Learn more about galleries here.

Horizontal Responsive Menu

How to Make Wix Site Responsive a horizontal menu

Lastly, a responsive menu is essential for mobile users. Having a menu that works well on both a computer and cell phone will provide a pleasant browsing experience for all types of website traffic. Learn more about responsive menus here.

These elements will help make any Wix website more responsive to any screen size. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Using Wix to Build a Website

Wix is a powerful website builder that brings advanced design options with an easy to use layout. See all the features packed into the Wix website builder. This guide is strictly for Wix websites. Other website builders also offer responsive options. Wix is great for anyone that needs a beautiful website that offers advanced functionality.