How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone for Free

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone for Free!

To recover deleted and old messages on an iPhone, users will need a Mac. If you are using a windows machine there are different alternatives that work but do cost some money.

Step One: Backing up Messages on iCloud

Apple has finally added the option to add iMessages to iCloud backups. This is a major update being that so many people lose their conversation history when transfer to a new phone or more commonly, after restoring an iOS device from a backup.

Please note, before starting the process to recover deleted messages from an iPhone or iPad, users must go into the iCloud settings on their iPhone to turn on iMessage backups to the cloud.

Once Messages is turned on in iCloud, only then will all messages begin to sync. There have been various complaints about iMessage syncing. Sometimes it takes a while for messages to appear on the Macs iMessage app. Various Apple forums discuss how some users don’t have all conversations or some attachments like photos or video are missing. As we progress with IOS and OSX updates, we assume Apple will eventually perfect the syncing of messages between devices.

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone or iPad using a Mac

The simple solution is to recover deleted messages on an iPhone is use the Mac’s iMessage app!
Located in Finder> Applications> iMessage

Once iMessage is Open, One of two screens will appear:

Users will either see a screen saying,” Sign in with your Apple Id to send unlimited messages to any Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch right from your Mac.”

Use iMessage on your mac to recover deleted messages from iphone for free.

The other windows would basically to show previous conversations depending if iMessage has already been set up.

Steps to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone and iPad

1.If the first window appears, click “Not Now.”

2. After that go to iMessage at the top left corner and then click “Preferences.”

3. In the general tab make sure “Keep messages” is set to Forever. Make sure “Save history when conversations are closed” is checked. These settings will ensure every conversation from this point is saved here.

4. After that is done click the “Accounts” tab in preferences. This is where you would log into the iMessage account (Apple Id). Users can add more then one iMessage account. Once signed in, make sure “ Enable this account and Enable messages in iCloud” are checked. Click “Sync Now” to force messages from the cloud to sync to the Mac.

How to recover deleted messages from iphone for free. This simple guide will show mac users how to recover and see old and deleted messages from an iphone or ipad.

Once these steps are completed, all messages should begin to sync between all setup Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone, Etc.). This is a very simple way to recover deleted messages on iPhone for free! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you this method doesn’t work.

End Result to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone

After this simple process is complete, new and old messages will begin to sync to the Mac computer. All messages going forward will appear here, even if they are deleted from the iPhone or iPad.

Images and Video attachments will also appear. Users are able to use the search bar to easily navigate to a specific conversation.

Important Tips to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone for Free
  • Make sure that iMessage is enabled on iPhone or iPad to ensure syncing with Mac.
  • Once these steps are completed please make sure you backup the devices that messages will be sent and received on. To do this got to iPhones or iPads Settings> Click Name at top of settings > Select iCloud >iCloud backup. From here do a manual backup to the cloud. Please ensure that devise is plugged into power and using wifi to ensure fast backup.
  • Give iMessage some time. Some users have lots on messages that include video and picture attachments. Please allow devices to sync. First time Mac iMessage users will notice that messages will populate slowly.
  • Using the “Sync Now” button in iMessage preferences on Mac

If you noticed that not all messages are syncing to the Mac or if they are taking a while to sync, try to use the “Sync Now” button. It’s located in the Preferences> Accounts Tab. This button has been know to fix syncing issues where one or two conversations aren’t showing up or when messages sync slowly.