iPhone Battery Saver Tips 2020

iphone battery saver tips

An iPhone user has various options and settings to help improve battery life. This simple guide will offer setting suggestions and tips to help anyone with an iPhone or iPad to improve battery performance drastically. These iPhone battery saver tips will help ALL iPhone users. Before using our battery saver tips, make sure the suggested changes below aren’t going to negatively affect the user experience of your iPhone. Each iPhone battery saver tip is generally a minor setting change that shouldn’t cause any major changes to an iPhone or iPad.

Before using Our iPhone Battery Saver Tips

Please Note
If an iPhone’s battery needs replacing, there is a good chance these battery saver tips will not help. If you don’t want to spend money on a new battery, get a mophie charging case. It’s less expensive than replacing an iPhone battery, and it helps protect your phone. See Deals on Mophie Cases Here

Please keep in mind, a phone’s battery will always deplete faster with more use. Specific smartphone tasks are more battery and power demanding than others. A charging case will also help with this type of scenario.

Check iPhone’s Battery Health

Before reading the guide, make sure that your battery is in proper health. Older iPhones or bad charging habits can lead to lousy battery health.

Guide to Check iPhone’s Battery Health

Our List of iPhone Battery Saver Tips

All suggestions have been researched and tested.

Tip 1: Update iPhone’s Software

Having up to date software will guarantee the iPhone’s iOS doesn’t have any known bugs that are draining battery life or causing some glitch that is affecting an iPhone’s battery performance.

Tip 2: Change Various Settings to Improve Battery Performance Drastically

Certain setting changes can make all the difference when talking about battery performance. If you are planning on skipping any steps, don’t skip this one!

Use Wi-Fi When Possible: When using data Wi-Fi uses much less power as compared to cellular through a mobile service provider. Having Wi-Fi enabled will allow users to connect to a known Wi-Fi connection whenever possible and ultimately save battery life drastically.

Screen Brightness: This is a huge battery drainer. Ensuring that the iPhone’s display stays dim as possible will conserve battery life drastically. Brightness can be adjusted through the control center or in settings under the “display” section. Enabling auto-brightness will allow the iPhone to change the brightness of the display as needed and ultimately help battery performance.

Reduce Motion: The iPhone has various pretty effects that make certain gestures and screen transitions look nicer. Additionally, motion gives the iPhone depth on the home screen and within apps.

Reduce Background Activity: This will prevent certain apps from running and refreshing in the background even when your not using them.

Tip 3: Remove or Deactive Email Accounts that Aren’t being Used

In most cases, the mail app is set to push new emails to a user’s iPhone automatically. Email push is regularly using battery life in the background. Removing or deactivating any email accounts that are not needed will help limit the number of times the mail app pushes new emails to an iPhone.

Additionally, setting email accounts to fetch new emails every 30 minutes our hourly will also improve power usage drastically. Some users need emails to be pushed automatically, but others are content with manually checking each inbox.

Will these iPhone battery saver tips hurt my iPhone?

NO! These iPhone battery saver tips are just minor settings changes. If something changes undo one of the settings above.

Is this iPhone battery saver guide useful for ANY type of iPhone?

Yes. All iPhone users can benefit from the listed battery saver tips.

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