Top Electric Kettles for Elderly in 2020

Age comes with challenges such as dementia, arthritis, reduced mobility, and general weakness. Therefore, when looking for the top kettles for elderly individuals, you should always consider those factors. Below is a list of the best kettles for elderly individuals based on various safety features. These features include size/weight, automatic shut off modes, BPA free materials, sturdy base, stay-cool handle, water gauge, cordless design, drip-free spout, and concealed heating elements. Safety features will help keep elderly individuals safe when using a kettle. This is the reason for creating this article! We have tested each of the suggested electric kettles in this post. Don’t worry we didn’t waste any water! We boiled several cups of water and made a ton of coffee with our electric coffee grinder and french press.

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The CDC has helpful tips about product suggestion.

What to Consider Before Buying Any Kettle for the Elderly

This section will discuss the factors mentioned above that everyone should consider before buying any kettle for elderly individuals. Safety should always be the first concern when shopping for any product for an elderly individual.

Lightweight Kettles for Elderly Users

Given that most seniors suffer from general body weakness, a kettle meant for them should be lightweight. Proper kettle weight will prevent accidents that cause injury to elderly individuals. Buying lightweight kettles for elderly individuals is a must!

Automatic Shut-off Mode for Elderly Users

This feature ensures that once the kettle has finished boiling water, it can automatically switch itself off. This feature comes in handy for seniors who are prone to forgetting things quickly. This will prevent all sorts of accidents.

Sturdy Base to Prevent Accidents

The base of the kettle houses the heating elements; therefore it should be strong and sturdy and skid proof to avoid falling easily. More importantly, for seniors who do not have sturdy hands. 

Stay Cool Handle with A Great Grip

Once the kettle heats its contents, its handle should be able to remain cool for easy handling and transfer of its content. The handle should also have a strong grasp.

A Cordless Kettle is Important for Handling

A cordless kettle will prevent tangling and avoid unnecessary accidents. It also makes it easy to pour the content of the kettle. A cordless kettle will also help avoid electricity-related issues such as electric shocks.

BPA-Free Plastics & Quality Safe Kettle Materials

BPA is a chemical that is used in making some plastic materials. BPA affects the function of the body’s endocrine system; therefore, you should avoid products that are made with BPA plastics.

Drip-free Spout

The content of the kettle will be hot, this means that any accidental liquid dripping from the spout will cause burns. Given that most older people do not have sturdy hands it is advisable to buy a kettle with a drip-free spout. All kettle suggestions in this post will have this very important feature for seniors.

Simple to Use Control Buttons for Seniors

When searching for the best kettle for elderly individuals, buying a kettle with easy to understand buttons is very important. This will prevent accidents and make the function of boiling water very easy and safe

Top 3 Kettles for Elderly Individuals

Secura SWK-1701DB – $30.99

Secura a great kettle for elderly individuals.

Secura’s kettles have a large following on Amazon. This electric kettle has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon because it’s just so good. The Secura kettle is designed 100% stainless steel interior. The kettle does have some plastic on the exterior. The plastic never comes in contact with the boiled water inside the kettle. This prevents any toxic plastic exposure for elderly individuals. The kettle holds 1.8L of water and has a great handle for secure pouring and handling. The kettle is light weighing at around 3.5 lbs. Therefore, it’s very easy for weaker people to carry, even when full. The outside of the kettle never gets hot so an elderly individual won’t get burnt when handling the hot water. The auto-shutoff feature prevents dangerous fire hazards and the anti-dry boil function will help forgetful individuals. The Secura kettle is great for all types of people, not just elderly individuals!

$30.99 – Amazon

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Top Features of the Secura SWK-170:
-1.8L Capacity
-Auto-Shutoff 2 Year Warranty (Customer Service is Great)
-Cool Touch Exterior
-Great Price for a Quality Electric Kettle
-Weight: 3.5 lbs
-Comes in 5 Unique Colors

-Some People Don’t Like the Plastic Exterior Look
-No Water Level Indicator

This kettle is great based on its affordable price and quality. When shopping for an electric kettle for elderly people, you can’t go wrong with the Secura SWK-170 kettle. Additionally, the kettle does include a two-year warranty. The customer service is great and very easy to work with.

Miroco Electric Kettle – $45.99

Miroco makes  lightweight kettles for elderly individuals.
Miroco kettle is a great choice for elderly.

Our next kettle suggestion is made by Miroco. Amazon shoppers have given this kettle a 5-star review and we agree with them! Miroco’s kettle is $45.99. They have designed a sleek and very lightweight (2.3 lbs) electric kettle. It has a water capacity of 1.8L and is super easy to handle. This is a huge plus for weaker elderly individuals that want to use an electric kettle. Additionally, the handle is comfortable, heat resistant, and has a great grip. The heating controls are self-explanatory which is great for older individuals that like simplicity. Furthermore, the kettle has a “keep warm” feature that maintains the set temperature for 30 minutes.

Other Key Features

The side of the kettle has a water level indicator that has a blue backlight for easy viewing. Overall, the Miroco kettle is great for the elderly and really anyone in need of a new kettle. Most importantly, this kettle is safe! Along with the easy to grip handle, the Micoco kettle has auto shut-off and boil-dry protection.

$45.99 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Top Features of the Miroco Electric Kettle:

-Easy Temperature Controls
-Made from Stainless Steel and BPA-Free
-Auto Shut-off
-No Water Detection for Boil Dry Protection
-2.3 lbs – Making it the lightest kettle in this post!
-Very Sturdy Heating Base

-Customer Service Complaints
-Some People Don’t Like Water Level Indicator

We love this kettle because its so sleek and modern looking. The heating base plate is very small and makes the unit look very minimal on a countertop. The overall design and safety features are great for elderly individuals.

Our Number One Kettle Suggestion for Seniors

Breville BKE820XL Electric Kettle – $129.99

A lightweight kettle for elderly by Breville.

Our top-rated kettle for the elderly is the Breville BKE820XL. The Breville Electric Kettle is a well-designed product that is built to last and just works. Addtionally, Breville is a well-known brand that is known for creating quality products. This kettle will outlast most other electric kettles. Seniors that are forgetful or just need simple functionality will prefer this kettle. Its made from top of the line materials and all plastic is non-toxic and BPA free. Seniors who are forgetful or suffering from dementia will benefit from the kettle’s auto-shutoff and boil dry prevention.

Other Key Features for Eldery Kettle Users

Addtionally, the breville kettle is also great for elderly people who are busy and want to keep water warm. It is designed to keep water at a pre-programmed temperature for about 20 minutes. The best feature is temperature presets. These presets are meant for green tea, white tea, oolong tea, French press, boil, and black tea. It’s as simple as pressing a button! This kettle holds 1.8L and offers an easy to read water water-level indicator. The kettles handle is well designed and offers a great grip that attracts zero heat.

$129.99 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Top Features of Breville Kettle:
-Capacity of 1.8L
-Very Easy Temperature Controls
-Pre-set Brewing Temperatures
-Top Quality Materials
-This Unit Will Outlast Most Kettles
-Hold Feature Keeps Water Warm for 20 Minutes
-Water-level Indicator with ZERO Plastic Exposure
-Weight: 3 lbs ( Very easy to Handle)


This kettle is our top pick for elderly individuals because it combines great functionality, amazing safety features, and is built with top of the line materials that will outlast most other electric kettles. Keep in mind, the Breville kettle does cost a bit more than the other kettle recommendations in this post. This is because the quality of the product and all the safety features are top of the line.

Electric Kettles for Elderly | FAQ

Have a question about a electric kettle from this post? Feel free to ask a question in the comments area below.

Which brand is best for electric kettle?

Based on our testing and research, these are the kettle brands for elderly individuals are:
1. Breville BKE820XL Electric Kettle
2. Miroco Electric Kettle
3. Secura SWK-1701DB
We have tested each electric kettle and created these choices based on safety features for elderly individuals.

Why is it safer to boil water in stainless steel pots?

Stainless steel is one of the best materials for boiling water and cooking in general. Electric kettles using stainless are even safer being they have safety features like auto shut-off mode and easy-pour handles.

Do electric kettles boil water faster?

Which safety features should a kettle for elderly users have?

1. Lightweight for Easy pouring
2. Automatic Shut-off
3. Sturdy Base
4. Stay Cool Handle
5. Cordless Kettle
6. Quality & Safe Kettle Materials
7. Drip-free Spout
8. Simple to Use Controls

Can these electric kettles be returned?

Yes. That’s the beauty of buying from Amazon. Elderly individuals can test an electric kettle before deciding to keep it. Hopefully this post will narrow down which is the best kettle for them. Amazon has tons of electric kettles. Not all of the kettle options on Amazon are ideal for elderly individuals.