Top iFixit Tool Kit Options

The iFixit brand has drastically grown in popularity amongst the computer and tech repair community. As a whole, we have had nothing but great experiences with our iFixit tool kits. We mainly use our tools for computer repairs. Being iFixit has various tool kits; we decided to create a list of our top iFixit tool kit options. This list has been created from our personal experiences using the various tool kits iFixit provides.

1. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

top ifixit tool kit options

Quality: Amazing | Complete Set: Yes | Brand: iFixit | Our Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Value for Money: Amazing Value | Durability: Very Durable Case | Compatibility: Universal

$69.99 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-A Complete set for Professional Computer Repair
-All Tools are Built With Quality
-All Plastic Components are Strong

-Bits are Not Magnetic
-Suction Cups aren’t the Strongest

If you’ve seen any of our previous posts, you know how much we love this tool kit. We consider this the top iFixit Tool Kit options being it has everything needed for most tech repair jobs. This tool kit has a five-star rating on Amazon, and it’s one of Amazon’s top-selling professional computer repair tool kits.

Top Features and Details 

This iFixit tool kit has 64 driver bits that are built strong and don’t strip. This is a significant issue with other tool kit brands, the bits or screws strip because of poor material quality and faulty design. Please keep in mind all the iFixit bits and screwdrivers are built with this type of quality, so they also won’t strip. The Pro Tech Toolkit has other repair essentials like tweezers, spudgers, anti-static wrist bands, and more! See the detailed list below showing all the included items in this tool kit.

What’s Included in this Tool Kit

Nylon Tipped Reverse Tweezers 
iFixit Opening Picks x6
Anti-Static Wrist Strap
64 Bit Driver Kit 
Tool Roll

Blunt ESD Tweezers 
3x iFixit Opening Tool 
Halberd Spudger 
Metal Spudger 

Small Suction Cup
Magnetic Pad 

2. iFixit Manta Driver Kit

Complete Set: Large High Quality Bit Driver Kit | Brand: iFixit | Our Rating: 5 stars |  Value for Money: Great Overall Value & Quality | Durability: Very Durable Compact Case | Compatibility: Universal 115 bit set

$64.99 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-Amazing Overall Quality
-A Complete Set of Bits Universal (115)
-Magnetic Bit Sockets
-Durable Magnetic Case


The iFixit Manta Driver Kit has an impressive 115-bits. When working on a wide range of electronics, running into unique or very specific screws is common. This large bit selection prevents the problem of not having the right bits. Most technicians would consider this a complete computer repair set. Others may find that the Manta set is lacking some other computer repair essentials. We find that combining this set with the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit creates an elaborate larger tool kit. Technicians that work on a wide variety of electronics might benefit from buying both sets.

Top Features and Details 

The wide bit variety is definitely the main reason to buy this set. Having the standard bits and additional unique bit is great and sometimes essential. The durable magnetic case is great for holding screws while doing a repair. We love the overall feeling of each screwdriver handle. It’s also very helpful that the bits are magnetic. Overall this is another quality iFixit tool kit.

What’s Included in this Tool Kit

115 High-Quality Bits
Magnetic Case
1/4″ and 4 mm Bit Driver Handles with Magnetic Bit Sockets