Top 3 Professional PC Repair Kits

Working on computers for over ten years, I have realized that having specific tools for a computer repair job is essential. A professional computer tool kit is a great way to save time with all types of computer repair tasks. Rather than shopping for each tool, a kit provides everything needed for computer and tech repairs. Having a professional computer repair tool kit that has all the right equipment is an investment towards more work. The right tools can make or break a complicated job that requires precision.

We Tested Each Suggested PC Repair Kit

It took time to find the best tool kit for computer repair. We have tested all the suggested tools in this post. Other consultants and I have attempted different types of repairs using the recommended professional computer repair tool kits. We then compared the overall functionality and quality of each computer tool kit. Then, this post was born!

Our Experience with Professional Computer Repair Tool Kits

Based on my experience, when shopping for tools, quality is vital. It is better to pay more for a quality tool kit rather than frequently spending money buying more cheap tools that will undoubtedly break. All the following professional computer repair tool suggestions are built with quality and are affordably priced. Countless brands advertise as having quality tool kits.

Top Computer Repair Tool Kits

A layout of the iFixit computer repair tool kit.

1. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit – $69

Quality: Amazing | Complete Set: Yes | Brand: iFixit | Our Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Value for Money: Amazing Value | Durability: Very Durable Case | Compatibility: Universal

$69.99 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-Screws and Bits don’t strip
-Bit Driver Transfer Magnetism Through Bits
-A Complete set for Professional Computer Repair
-All Plastic Components are Strong
-Suction Cups aren’t the Strongest (depending on job)
-A bit Pricey

iFixit offers a fantastic professional computer repair tool kit. iFixit is a reputable brand that is dedicated to creating guides and providing tools for all types of hardware repair. Their products are compatible with various types of computer and hardware repair needs. (Mac, Windows, iPhone, Samsung). The ProTech Toolkit is the most popular iFixit tool kit. Addtionally, It’s even one of the most popular professional computer repair tool kits on Amazon!

The ifixit computer repair tool kit has a well designed case for easy storage.

Quality of the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

In terms of quality, the iFixit pro tech toolkit has a sturdy build quality. Each of the 64 bits are well designed and made with top quality materials. None of the metal bits get stripped, even after long periods of use. I find this to be a critical selling point when looking for a professional computer repair tool kit. Other brands falsely advertise that their screwdrivers and bits will not strip. iFixit truly provides this valuable anti-strip feature. I have confidently done over 200 successful repairs with the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit.

What’s Included in the iFixit Tookit

Nylon Tipped Reverse Tweezers 
iFixit Opening Picks x6

Anti-Static Wrist Strap
64 Bit Driver Kit 
Tool Roll

Blunt ESD Tweezers 
3x iFixit Opening Tool 
Halberd Spudger 
Metal Spudger 

Small Suction Cup
Magnetic Pad 

Overall Usefulness

The iFixit professional computer repair tool kit is very well put together and comes in a well designed, durable case. This kit has just about every tool needed to take apart almost any brand of computer. The nylon tipped, and angled tweezers are still some of my most commonly used tools. They are a perfect size and seem to reach better and have more grip as compared to other tweezers. I use the metal spudger at least once during each repair! The iFixit professional tech toolkit offers a moderately priced tool set that has an excellent overall build quality and provides great overall functionality. All the bits are well designed and do not strip. Anyone doing computer repairs can’t go wrong with the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit.

2. Rosewill 45 Piece Professional PC Repair Kit – $24.99

The Rosewill pc repair kit is a great set.

Quality: Great Overall | Complete Set: Yes | Brand: Rosewill | Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 |  Value for Money: Amazing Value & Selection| Durability: Zipper Case | Compatibility: Universal

$24.99 Newegg
$24.99 Amazon

Buy Directly From Newegg for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-Screws and Bits don’t strip
-So Many Different Tools
-Great for PC and Other Electronics Repairs

-Some Tools aren’t directly for Computer Repair
-The Carrying Case Is Cheap Unlike the Tools

The Rosewill RTK-045 is a fantastic 45 piece computer and electronic repair tool kit. This computer repair kit is tailored for more advanced or experienced individuals. The kit has some serious tools for all types of repairs. The Rosewill pliers are strong and great for cutting wires or prying things open. Additionally, this set also has professional insulated wire strippers/ cutters. The demagnetized bits are well made and don’t strip after long periods of use. Overall, the Roswell professional computer repair tool kit has an abundance of tools and accessories for computers and other electronics repair. Some may find that this tool kit has more then they need. While others will absolutely require and even bigger more advanced computer repair tool kit. We have used this set for both computer repairs and other electronics like phones, speakers, watches, and even a toaster! In terms of online reviews and overall popularity, this set has 5 stars and 2000 plus reviews on Newegg! Amazon users gave this product 4.5 stars out of 1400 reviews. Seems that most people (including us) are happy with this repair tool kit.

Rosewill has a excellent pc repair kit for all types of repairs.

Quality of the Rosewill RTk-090 Tool Kit

In terms of quality, the Rosewill computer repair tool kit has an overall great build quality. The carrying case is a bit flimsy. We suggest moving these tools to a tool bag or a different case. Otherwise, we are happy with the quality of the items in this set. Like we said before, the metal bits are very well made and don’t strip. Some of the tools are made out of plastic but the quality is still excellent and ultimately, the tools work great and don’t break!

What’s Included in the Rosewill PC Repair kit

21-piece bit and socket set
5″ long nose pliers
anti-static wrist strap
IC insertion-extraction clipper
three prongs holder

See Detailed List of Tools in this Kit

spare parts box
9 hex key set
5″ wire cutter/stripper
a reversible 1/8″ #0 mini screwdriver
6″ #1 Phillips screwdriver
black zipper case
See Detailed List of Tools in this Kit

Overall Usefulness

The Rosewill set is very useful for all types of computer and electronic repairs. Other than the flimsy carrying case each tool is crafted with precision and made to last. Most technicians would consider this a complete computer repair tool kit. Others may suggest this set has many more advanced repair tools that everyone may not need. It all comes down to the person and their experience with doing computer and tech repairs. We found this set to be an overall great professional computer repair tool kit. It has quality tools for all types of tech and computer repairs.

3. Gocheer Screwdriver Set – $18.99

A great pc repair kit by Gocheer.

Quality: Good | Complete Set: Almost | Brand: Gocheer | Our Rating: 4 out of 5 |  Value for Money: Best Value | Durability: Great | Compatibility: Universal

$18.99 – Amazon

Buy Directly From Amazon for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

-Best Value for Your Money
-Good Overall Tool Quality
-All Bits are Magnetic
-Kit is Lacking Metal Spudgers /Pry Tools
-Pry Tool is a Bit Week
-Case is Fully Plastic

Gocheer makes a fantastic 115 piece computer tool kit. This professional computer repair kit offers the best bang for your buck, and we think it is the best value in terms of the tool kit suggestions in this post. The kit will work for most technicians but others may find it’s lacking a few tools. After using the Gocheer kit for different laptop repairs (Pc & Mac), we noticed one issue, the set needed stronger prying tools. Otherwise, this tool set was more than sufficient for most if not all computer and tech repairs.

An exmaple of the tools included in Gocheer's pc repair kit.

Quality of the Gocheer Screwdriver Set

Gocheer has great overall quality and craftsmanship. Sure the tool kit case is entirely plastic and a bit flimsy. Otherwise, the computer repair tools themselves are well made and are very durable. The bits do not strip if appropriately used. The anti-static tweezers have a very nice build and are super strong. Additionally, they are great for hard to reach parts or screws. The set is both an amazing deal and a quality tool kit options for all types of repairs. If your trying to get the best bang for your buck, this is the professional computer tool kit for you. I do wish this kit included a metal spudger and prying tool.

Whats Included in the Gocheer Set

98 Precision Bits
Lengthen and telescopic tube
Plastic Spudger
Suction Cups

Magnetic Pad

anti-static tweezers
magnetic screwdriver
Plastic Pry Tool
Sim Pin

Small Suction Cup

Overall Usefulness

The Gocheer professional computer repair kit offers a quality product for a very affordable price. This kit has surprised us with how much it offers in one small package. The 98 magnetic well-designed bits work wonderfully with computer and phone repairs. The anti-static tweezers are strong and pointy so getting to those hard to reach components is easier. Overall, this is a perfect computer repair kit for anyone looking for quality and affordability.

Software is Also Important

In addition to hardware, fixing software is a significant aspect of computer repair. This post focuses on the hardware portion. It is always a good idea to have software like computer and iPhone diagnostic tools. They help find issues with hardware that can be repaired with the tools listed in this post.

FAQ Professional Computer Repair Tool Kit

Which PC repair kit is the best?

The hands-down most popular pc repair kit is the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. It has just about every tool need for computer repair. This would include Windows and Apple computers. In fact, this tool kit can be used to repair and get into all types of hardware. You can’t go wrong with an iFixit Toolkit!

Would these PC Repair kits be a good starter set for computer repair and maintenance?

If you need a basic tool kit that can handle most PC repairs. The Rosewill 45 Piece, computer repair tool kit is your best option. It’s well priced at $24.99 and offers quality tools for all computer and hardware repairs. Additionally, it’s great as simple on the go tool kit.

Which computer repair tool kit is best for Mac repairs?

iFixit is great for Apple-related hardware repairs. iFixit has the right tools for all types of Macbook and iMac models. Older Apple hardware like iPhones or Apple computers can also be fixed with this tool kit. Technicians that work on Apple products NEED this computer repair tool kit! The Gocheer set comes in as a strong second for Mac and iPhone repairs. It’s a more affordable smaller kit. Please keep in mind Windows computers can also use these suggested PC repair kits.

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