Using Wix to Build a Website

Using Wix to Build a Website 2019

Using Wix to build a Website

Let me start by saying I love Wix! I have been using Wix to build various types of websites for clients and for personal needs. As a result, I’ve been able to understand how simple, quick, and functional a Wix site can be. 

New website builders are often skeptical about Wix for various reasons. Some believe that the simplicity of a Wix site is a substitute for performance. Even more, others think that important site factors like organic traffic from SEO are weak. From a web developers standpoint, these concerns are valid. In reality, Wix can overcome these concerns and the Wix website builder can truly create a beautiful and functional site.

Learn To Make Any Wix Site Responsive

Wix has Come a Long Way

Wix is a powerful website builder that has enough functionality for most web needs. Like any site, it takes work to get the content created and the overall site designed. This work is involved with all website builders. As a result, Wix has allowed even the most inexperienced web creators to develop beautiful functional sites that rank very well with search engines.
 The drag and drop builder is very intuitive and easy to understand. Its possible to have a site up and running in 30 minutes!

Wix Top Features

Wix has various amazing features but here are some of my favorites. These relate mainly to ease of use and saving time:

  • Easy to use templates
  • Simply Mobile Editor
  • Wix ADI allows users to create a pre-designed theme based on site details provided by user
  • Editing and updating content is quick and easy
  • Publishing and saving is simple a quick
  • Wix is constantly updating to ensure they stay on top of the industry
  • Overall customer support is very helpful

Who could be using Wix to Build a Website?

  •  Local and Online Businesses

  •  Blogs

  •  Professional Portfolio Sites

  •  Many Other Possibilities

Who could be using Wix to Build a Website?

Common types website that do awesome with Wix:

  • Local & Online Business
  • Blogs
  • Professional Portfolio Sites
  • Many Other Possibilities

Working as a Wix expert for the Wix Arena I have created various projects for different types of businesses, blogs, and clients who needs some form of web presence. As a result, I have noticed  around 70% of all my client related web work has been for small local businesses who are trying to outrank local competition and simply put their name on the map. More specifically, they want to have an overall decent ranking with Google when possible local traffic searches for keywords related to their business or niche (this is pretty much everyone’s goal).

Using Wix to Build a Local or Online Business Website

I have had consistent success with various local and online business web projects when using Wix.
 Building a business site with Wix is easy. Wix has two types of editors to develop a site. The custom drag and drop editor that allows full customization and the Wix ADI which allows users to create a pre-designed theme based on details provided by the user. This isn’t something that is specifically for business sites but rather something that is worth mentioning. Creating the key pages of a business like the home page, about us, and services page are very easy and quick to do. The various templates provided by Wix allow anyone to start quickly building a site. A local business needs decent SEO to rank well with search engines. This will bring organic traffic and drive new clients. This has been very easy to do and maintain with Wix (depending on competition).

Tons of Options for Your Business

The various templates provided by Wix allow anyone to start quickly building a site that represents their business.

 Please note, online businesses require a bit more work in term of SEO and content creation but overall the idea of building and maintaining is very similar to a local business. Wix has various cool features like newsletters, live chat features, and even site automation so owners are able to email and interact with possible leads automatically. Again these are not features dedicated to the business sites and can be used on any type of website if there is a functional use for it.

I find that Wix is really well designed for small or medium businesses. All the various features allow a site developer to create nearly everything a local or online business would need to have a beautiful and functional website. I can never say this enough… make your sites simple to navigate and don’t use too many photos. If your business revolves around visual work like construction or art. Make sure to compress your images to ensure they are small and the site loads fast even if you have tons of them.

Using Wix to build a Blogging Website

Blogs are another very popular type of website that can be successfully executed with Wix. Blogging has become very popular and a great way for readers to learn information about a specific niche or topic. These blogs all generally have the same important variable… content content content. The content on a blog is how readers get informed and how a blog gains its popularity and credibility.

Content is King

Wix makes it easy to post content rich blog posts that can be just as informative as any website. I say this obvious fact because of the common misconception that content is not important. This is simply not true. Using Wix to create and develop this content is just as informative and functional as any website builder. The content that is created and posted on a site really has nothing to do with the website builder but more with the person writing it and the quality of content they are able to generate. Your content will bring the traffic, not the website builder that is being used.

Blogging with Wix, Key Features

Overall, Wix has made it super easy to post and update content to a blog. With easy to use blog templates and simple formatting options, creating consistent looking content is simple for both desktop and mobile view.  Adding images or different types of media is also very doable and easy to accomplish.

Using Wix to Build a Portfolio Website

I have successfully made various portfolio websites for different types of professionals. Artists, Photographers, Web Designers (ME), and various types of freelancers have all had great results with a portfolio made on a Wix website. Not only do they act as a pretty way to browse professionals work but they are also all custom. This means the themes and designs match the professions being shown. 

Wix really allows full customization and for this particular type of site, which is very much needed.

Using Wix to Build a Website with Strong SEO

The simple answer is yes! Wix has put a lot of work into improving their SEO and the changes are noticeable in the results. Wix has created various guides to help users with SEO. These guides do lack some  information but do offer a great place to start optimizing a site. In most cases these SEO tips and guides are enough to get you on the first page of Google and even a first spot ranking! This also depends on competition.

Checkout the SEO guides Wix has made here.

Personally I love the keyword research guide Wix has created. Its a simple on how to finding the best keywords for a business  or niche to ultimately gain organic traffic. Keyword research is really important so understanding the basics is crucial. Check out there guide to starting a keyword research plan.

Checkout the Keyword Research Guides made by Wix!

I do not take any credit for the guides created by Wix nor am I affiliated with Wix in any way.

Pros √

  • Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Mobile Editor is Simple and Functional
  • Easy Domain Linking
  • Fast Setup – Have a Site Up in 30 Minutes
  • Two Builder Options for Fast Customization or More Custom Options


  • Some advanced elements are not available
  • Lacking customization for certain elements
  • Mobile Editor can take some time to perfect

Who Shouldn’t Use Wix to Build a Website

Wix is great but it’s not for every type of website. Certain sites require more advanced setups that use code and require more customization options. Others may find that Wix great for small or medium businesses, but when it comes to a large company Wix is not the right option.

Lacking design elements that are not fully customizable:

  • Mobile Editor has very limited settings in terms of editing content and adding a custom setting for mobile compared to the desktop site.
  • Blog Posts are limited in terms of custom formatting

Conclusion: Is Wix Right for You?

Wix has various amazing features that allow new and experienced web designers to create a site that is both beautiful and functional. Overall Wix  is a good option for most website projects. While some Wix elements are lacking advanced customization options, its important to note that most websites will not be effected by this.

Am I missing something in my review? Leave a comment below and I will make sure to edit this content. Feel free to ask a question too!

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