When is Windows 7 No Longer Supported?

When is Windows 7 No Longer Supported

** Update: Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020

Upgrade to Windows 10 to get continued support with updates. See the official Microsoft website that talks about Windows 7 support.

Top Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

  • Windows 7 will no longer have security updates of bug fixes. Businesses should definitely upgrade!
  • Software will stop supporting Windows 7. Software companies will create software that is only supported by Windows 10.
  • Overall system security is compromised. Windows 10 has security updates that help keep your system safe.

Purchase Windows 10

Most people will need to purchase Windows 10 in order to upgrade from Windows 7. See our guide on getting Windows 10 and free software with a .Edu school email. If you are not eligible for a free Windows 10 upgrade feel free to purchase a Windows 10 license from Amazon. This is the easiest way to purchase a license without having to set up an account with Microsoft. If Windows 10 licenses are needed in bulk buying from amazon is also recommended.

It’s a sad day for Windows 7 users that hate change. Businesses that work on Windows 7 machines will also be disrupted and forced into change. Microsoft announced that it will be releasing a crucial update on March 12th. This security update will ensure that future updates can be downloaded to patch security threats. Don’t compromise your security and keep note of this important date.

Unfortunately, as of Jan. 14, 2020, all Windows 7 machines will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Those that love and continue to use Windows 7, will be forced to make the change to Windows 10.

Certain Windows users are being forced to switch to Windows 10 depending on computing needs. Not everyone is affected by this change. Antivirus and other 3rd party security options are to be supported on Windows 7. Please take precautions towards securing machines that have sensitive or important data.

Reminder: A Crucial Update for Windows 7 Users on March 21, 2019 Microsoft Official Statement: Learn More…

Who might Struggle to Update

Some users disable Windows 7 updates due to license issues or because certain software stops working when they update. Likewise, others try to use a pirated or free license of Windows updates need to be turned off in order to keep their Windows 7 key active without receiving a 30-day warning.

Whether you have license issues or your Microsoft key is not working or can t be verified by Microsoft, you will need to purchase a new key to receive updates.

When is Windows 7 no longer supported?

Windows 7 stopped being supported on January 14th, 2020.

Is the upgrade to Windows 10 free?

In most cases no. Some people are eligible for software discounts that include the Windows 10 operating system.

Can people still use Windows 7?

Windows 7 will continue to work. However, Microsoft said they will stop supporting Windows 7 users with updates. This means no more security updates or bug fixes.