Where to Check iPhone Battery Health

where to check iphone battery health

It’s important to check an iPhone’s battery capacity to understand whether it’s draining do to physical performance or a users iPhone habits.

Performing a iPhone battery health check will allow iPhone users to understand if they need to replace the devices battery. We found that this isn’t a common, rather adjusting the iPhone’s settings was enough to see dramatic increase in battery performance.

Where to Check iPhone Battery Health

We will show users two ways to check an iPhone’s battery health. Please note this method is only for Apple devices.

Method One: iPhone Battery Health Check using Settings

Using the standard iPhone’s built-in battery health check.

On the iPhone navigate to Settings> Battery > Battery Health. This will show users two important battery related statistics. The “maximum capacity” is a comparison of the batteries full charge capacity compared to when it was new. The closer to 100% the better. If your maximum capacity is under 70% we suggest replacing the battery. This is also what Apple recommends. This page will also show if iPhone battery is supporting “normal peak performance.” If the battery needs replacing, users will see “replace battery” in this section.

Method Two: iPhone Battery Health Check using CoconutBattery

Where to iPhone battery health
Where to Check iPhone battery health with CoconutBattery

CoconutBattery – A 3rd party battery performance testing software for IOS users (iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch). Additionally, this software works for Apple laptops.

CoconutBattery has been providing free battery statistics for Apple products since 2005. Users must download their software on a Mac and then connect their IOS device to check its battery performance.

This software is great for older mobile devices that are running an older IOS that does not support the battery health function in settings. We have found that Coconutbattery is just as accurate if not better then the built in battery test provided by Apple.

How to Use CoconutBattery to Perform the iPhone Battery Health Check

  1. Download & Install the latest version of CoconutBattery
  2. Run CoconutBattery
  3. Plug iPhone or any IOS device into Mac
  4. Select the “IOS Device” tab
  5. See Provided Statistics

If “Full Charge” capacity us under 70% its a good indication that the battery is bad and would need replacement.

Important IOS battery Information

Temperature is an important variable to consider! It’s important to keep iPhone in ideal temperatures of 62 to 72 degrees fahrenheit (16 to 22 degrees C). Exposing an iPhone to temperatures greater then 95 deg fahrenheit can permanently damage the batteries performance. When using an iPhone in very cold conditions, it’s very normal to see battery performance go down. This is only temporary and performance will go back to normal once temperature is returned to normal.

Check iPhone Battery Health at the Apple Store

Any Apple store should be able to tell if an iPhone’s battery is under preforming and needs replacement. Generally if a phone is under the warranty Apple will cover the cost of a battery replacement.