Why do iPhone Chargers Stop Working?

So you got a new iPhone, and after about 30 days, the original iPhone charger stops working. Is it something you did, or is Apple’s cheap design to blame?

Before pointing all fingers at Apple, it’s always essential to make sure an authenticated Apple lightning cable and block are being used to charge each Apple device. When Apple approves a 3rd party brand, they deem it MFI-certified. A certified cord means that the charger meets Apple’s standards but also won’t damage your iPhone.

Check if your lightning cable is certified on Apple’s website or see our cable suggestions below. Buying a lightning cable at a CVS or a gas station generally means it’s not an Apple certified lightning cable.

Why do iPhone Chargers Stop Working After a Few Week?

Like most companies, Apple does make cheap chargers for their $1,000 phones and computers. Cheap charger designs are unfortunate but intentional. It’s partially a business tactic that allows consumers to buy more accessories (ALL THE BIG COMPANIES DO THIS). Lightning cables can’t cost too much if a consumer needs to purchase multiple charging cords for a single iPhone. Phone chargers always get misplaced or even left somewhere during a trip. If these lightning cables were expensive and better built, they would cost a lot, and no one would want to spend $50 plus bucks for a 3-foot piece of plastic.

Never Use a Non Apple Certified Lightning Cable!

It’s crucial to use a certified Lightning cable. Some users have had battery issues caused by cheap iPhone chargers. If you have been using a non-Apple-certified iPhone charging block or cord, stop immediately!

Use the battery health section in your iPhone’s settings to test battery health and performance. If your battery health is in the 99% to 75% range, your battery should be functioning normally. iPhone batteries do acting weird and do stop holding a charge. This is caused by a devices age, but a lousy charger will cause battery issues too! Use iPhone diagnostic tools to diagnose various iPhone and iPad issues.

How to prevent Apple Lightning Cables from Breaking

Stop using your iPhone or iPad when it’s charging. Using an iPhone while it is charging will cause tension on the lightning cord and promote rapid wear and tear. We know looking at notifications and constantly checking your iPhone’s battery percentage is tempting, but leave the phone alone and let it do its thing!

The Best Alternative to an Apples Lightning Cord

We have tested various MFI-Certified Lightning brands and have determined Anker is the superior choice!

A Better Lightning Cable Brand – Anker

Prevent lighting cables from breaking by using a better quality non-Apple brand. Hands down, the best MFI-Certified brand is Anker! I use Anker iPhone chargers in my car, at work, and at home. Anker is reliable and durable. Addtionally, Ankers Lightning cables have great reviews on Amazon because they work very well. The Powerline plus is our favorite Anker lightning cable. The wire has a threaded material that helps with durability. Newer Apple devices will benefit from using the new Anker USB-C to Lightning Powerline cable.

Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (3ft) MFi Certified

$19.99 – Amazon

  • MFI Certified
  • Strong Threaded
  • High-Speed Charging
  • Built to Last

See our other handpicked Anker lightning cord suggestion

Use a Wireless iPhone Charger

Wireless Qi chargers allow us to use our iPhones while they are charging. We can then prevent causing any damage to our precious cords. The iPhone 8 is the first Apple device to implement wireless charging capabilities. Anything older than an iPhone 8 will not charge wirelessly. Most wireless chargers support rapid charging, and depending on the brand, they will outlast lighting cables!  

Some people may not like the fact that wireless iPhone chargers are stationary. Good news! Anker has made a portable wireless iPhone charger. Keep in mind a wireless iPhone charger isn’t practical for every situation. Otherwise, wireless chargers work great at a desk or table. They are aesthetically pleasing, and they work very well. The best part is an iPhone can freely be used when charging without damaging an expensive cord!

Getting a Quality Wireless Charger is Important

Like all things, a quality brand is essential. Get a good brand when shopping for a wireless charger. I only use brands that I can find on the Apple website. Their prices are not the best, and I suggest going to Amazon for the best deals. My top two brand suggestions are Mophie and Belkin.

Recommended wireless chargers:

Mophie Wireless Charger 1st Place
Belkin Wireless Charger 2nd Place
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Apple Does Make Cheap iPhone Chargers for

Apple has to make lightning chargers that are easy to manufacture and ultimately profitable. So having a broken lightning cable is unfortunate, but common. The materials that are being used are cheap, and this directly affects quality. These cheap chargers are a double-edged sword.

How to Replacing Broken iPhone Charging Cables for Free

What should you do if your iPhone charging cable stops working after a few weeks? The end goal is to have the lightning cable replaced for free! Depending where the cable was bought users should be able to return or exchange the cable.

There are two options: Buy from Amazon or Apple Store Directly!

Buying a lightning cable directly from Apple store in person will allow users to return and exchange their cable if it breaks in 2 to 3 months. This means going back to the Apple store, talking to a manager or an Apple in-store employee and requesting to have your recent lightning cable purchase replaced for free. We suggest saving your receipts. If Apple gives you any issues, ask to speak to a manager. Specify that the cable you bought is faulty and broke for no reason after a short period of time.

The Better Alternative: Buy from Amazon

When buying from Amazon, users have a 30 day no question return period. Prime users generally get even more time if they call customer service and explain that the iPhone charging cable is broke or faulty. This is a great way to ensure you can get a broken lightning cable replaced for free!

Why do iPhone Chargers Stop Working?

There are a few reasons an iPhone charger ( lightning cable) will stop working:
1. A cheap cable can only last so long. Even if its an Apple brand iPhone charger. Other iPhone charging brands like Anker last much longer!
2. Stop using your devices when they are charging. Tension on a charger will cause it to break faster. 
3. Make sure an MFi-certified cable is being used. These types of cables are well made, and Apple approved.

Are Apple Lightning cables considered cheap?

Before throwing Apple under the bus, it is important to note that most technology manufacturers create expensive products that have cheap chargers. I wouldn’t call Apple’s lighting cable horrible but it sure is cheap. This cheap design causes the lighting cable to be less durable and break faster.

What is the best way to prevent lightning cables from breaking?

1. Stop using your iOS (Apple) devices when they are charging.
2. Try using a wireless QI charger. They support rapid charging and devices can be used while charging.

Do you prefer Anker lightning cables?

Yes. I find they last much longer than Apple’s Lightning cables. I can honestly say I have tested both brands and found Anker to be superior.